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The names of the following list have submitted to and passed a National Background Check, Massachusetts CORI check, and have been Certified in Abuse Awareness training.

If your name does not appear on this list you are not authorized to be on any field or have contact with children within any BBSA program.


If you would like to be added to this list and approved to work with our kids please fill out the Managers / Coaches app HERE or visit the link on the Home page.

Updated as of 4/16/2021 3:55pm

Last Name First Name
Baker Fred
Baker Kristen
Bannister Tj
Barkley Edward
Beane Robert
Benjamin Scott
Berardinelli Jack
Bergeron Jason
Bonnar Alex
Brothers Bryan
Bunker Margo
Bunker Robert
Caisse Joseph
Calandrelli Joseph
Carlson Thomas
Carter Adam
Casey Michael
Castellano Mike
Castellano David
Chaves Andrew
Chute Al
Colburn Paul A
Collins Daniel
Condon John
Corrigan Bryan
Costa Vito
Coughlin Kevin
Crossman Shawn
Crowley Zachary
Cullen David
Currier Joe
De Andrade Jeff
Delaney Mark
Delano Derek
Desjardins Will
Disarcina Paul
Dooley Linda
Eldridge Jason
Fischenich Brian
Fowler Sean
Galarneau Brian
George Steven
Gordon Matthew
Hache Jason
Herman Paul
Howard Steve
Hurley Terrance
Iannuzzi Kenny
Imbimbo Peter
Kelley Kevin
King Donald
Kosses Rich
Lapon Adam
Linskey Jim
Londino David
Mackey Paul
MacLaughlan Daniel
Mahoney Kevin
Mahoney Donald
Marshall Sara
Marshall William
Marshall Jeff
Matta Kathleen
McFadden Kathleen
Meehan Michael
Mirabella, Jr. Sal
Muccio Michael
Nawoichik Stephen
Nawoichik Meghan
Negron Bobby
Nevola Jodi
ODowd Melissa
Ortiz Manny
Pennybaker David
Piscatelli, Jr Donald
Placidi Laurent
Poland Michael
Porter Ryan
Pugliese Nicholas
Quimby Keith
Reilly Stevan
Ronca Jason
Ryan Jeff
Salamone Anthony
Shortell John
Sicari Tj
Siedlecki James
Sirois Christopher
Smith Steven
Sousa Brett
Stokes Derrick
Sullivan Eric
Tchorz David
Thomas Michael
Turnquist Kristel
Vargas Rodrigo
Ventullo Ken
Waisnor William
Walker James
Weymouth Thomas
Wilson Jonathan
Woodbury Joshua
Young Reid