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The Burlington Baseball and Softball Association Farm program is a child's second year
of organized baseball. The goal of the Farm League, Managers and Coaches will be to provide the players with an opportunity to develop baseball skills in an environment that is enjoyable and fun.
The players in the Farm Division should be instructed in all the basic fundamentals of the game (i.e. batting, throwing, fielding and running). All players should be constantly encouraged by managers, coaches and parents to pay attention and to do their best. Farm League should be fun for all who participate.
The key to success and the concept of the program is total participation of coaches and parents.
While this could still be a child's first introduction to organized baseball it may also be a parent’s first introduction to coaching, so it is very important for parents and coaches to be closely involved and rely on each others input.
Remember that this should be a fun and positive experience for all involved. Your positive influence, constructive direction and, most of all, patience will allow for a fun season this year and for years to come.
Goals of the Farm League Program
- Familiarize players with the concept of teamwork and with the responsibilities of a
- Familiarize players with the concept of sportsmanship.
- Players will demonstrate knowledge of Baseball rules.
- Players will demonstrate knowledge of basic offensive and defensive strategies. - Players will be able to identify parts of the baseball diamond.
- Players will be able to identify the positions played in the game.
- Players will be able to identify equipment used in baseball.
- Players will be able to assume a proper batting position in the batter’s box.
- Players will demonstrate knowledge of the strike zone.
- Players will be able to hit a ball when at bat.
- Players will be able to run the bases and score runs.
- Players will be able to assume the baseball ready position on defense.
- Players will be able to field a ground or fly ball.
- Players will be able to make a throw to the appropriate base or cut-off player.
1.1. A soft baseball (safety ball) will be used for the first half of the year, gradually
introducing a real baseball at the coaches’ discretion, keeping all the players’ safety in mind.
2.1. The game will last 3 innings or 2 hours, whichever comes first.
2.2. Players are expected to arrive at the field at least 15 minutes before scheduled start
3.1. Defense will consist of all players on a team for the first half of the year, gradually
removing players to consist of a maximum of ten (10) players, four (4) outfielders, four (4) infielders, a pitcher and a catcher. A player should be stationed on the pitchers mound. If there are only 11 players present, a team may add one additional outfielder as to not have only one child sit on the bench. In this situation the additional player must be placed in an outfield position. The traditional infield positions should remain intact. This must be limited to a maximum of 11 players on the field.
3.2. A player should be stationed at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, pitchers mound and behind home plate as a catcher.
3.3. No player will be allowed to catch or assume the catchers position without being fully protected for safety (i.e. cup, helmet, face mask, chest protector,
shin guards and catchers mitt)
3.4. Managers should rotate players between defensive position's giving each player the
opportunity to play each position.
3.5. To avoid potential injury, the catcher must be placed a minimum of 10 feet behind
home plate.
4.1. The coaches will pitch to the players for the first half of the year gradually
introducing a player to pitch from a safe distance.
4.2. A player may pitch NO more than one (1) inning in any game.
4.3. One (1) pitch constitutes as one (1) inning, NO exceptions.
4.4. After four (4) pitches to any one (1) batter the coach of the team batting will pitch to
the batter with the pitcher still assuming the pitcher position on the field.
4.5. Once a pitcher is relieved, that pitcher may not pitch again that day.
5.1. There are no strikeouts. All players will continue to bat until they put the ball in
5.2. There are no walks. Everyone hits.
5.3. The infield fly rule will not be in effect.
5.4. There is NO on deck Batter, NO exceptions.
5.5. No bunting allowed. Full swings must be taken.
5.6. A protective batting helmet must be worn by all batters without exception.
6.1. All players will be in the batting order and bat in the rotation determined by the
Managers must rotate the batting order on a game-to-game basis allowing each
player to be 1st in the batting order, and last in the batting order.
6.2. Each team will bat all of their batting order per inning.
7.1. The side will be retired when all of the batting order has batted.

8.1. Runners must stay in contact with the bases until the ball is hit. One base is allowed
on an infield hit.
The runner may advance as many bases as possible on an outfield hit until the ball
reaches the infield.
8.2. Runners may not advance on errant throws to any base.
8.3. When the last batter of the inning has hit the ball he or she shall touch all the bases
with all runners in front crossing home plate.
9.1. There can be up to five coaches on the field when the defensive team is on the field.
9.2. The team batting should provide 1st and 3rd base coaches.
9.3. Players can not coach the bases at this level.
10.1. There is no head first sliding, no leading or stealing.
11.1. At the end of the game, each team, including coaches, will line up at home plate
and shake hands with the opposing team.
12.1. In the absence of any provisions in these rules and guidelines, the latest version of
the Cal Ripken Rule Book shall be binding.
12.2. Players or coaches are not permitted to deliberately harass or direct any
discourteous remarks at the officials or any member of the opposing team
12.3. No games are to be protested.
12.4. All games end in a tie, NO exceptions.
12.5. There are no play-offs or standings at this level.
12.6. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on any playing field during games
or practice.
12.7. It is the coach's responsibility to teach and encourage all players.
12.8. Show sportsmanship and fairness to all involved. The example you set as a coach
will be an important one for the players to follow.
The Burlington and Softball Association thanks you for your continued efforts and
support of the baseball program.