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Game cancellations must be made 2 hours before game time (home team must notify myself walter bentson and the away team)
*Make-up games should be rescheduled within 48 hours mutually agreed upon by both teams
* Any player/coach ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for their next game, the offender must attend said game in uniform but may not play(please inform opposing manager prior to start of game) if a player/coach is ejected twice they will be suspended for the remainder of season upon review
* 2 Hour time limit for both divisions (no new inning after 2 hours past first pitch)
*Mercy rule for both divisions 12 runs after 4 10 after 5 and 9 runs after 6
* teams should confirm innings pitched at the conclusion of each game (these results will not need to be reported but may be needed if an eligibility question arises. (hopefully no team abuses the pitching rules but this will ensure we have access if needed)
*Both divisions may use bbcor and or usa baseball stamped bats
* Winning team must report score on website, if you are not registered as a volunteer on our website  please do so ASAP.
*Both divisions may call up or down players from other teams in their program to avoid forfeits ( A division players playing down in the B may not pitch and should bat last in the order)
*Both divisions will use a continuous batting order(everyone hits) this also allows for free defensive substitutions. (ALL PLAYERS MUST play a minimum of 3 innings in the field)
*The only exception to the rule above is if a team shows u with 3 or more players than there opponent,in this case the team with more players has the option to hit the same number of players as their opponent or bat continuous order( if you decide to match your opponent players still need a minimum of 1 at bat and 9 defensive outs and you will lose option of free defensive substitution)
***Pitching rules;
A Division.
- pitching week is sunday-saturday
- 13-15yo pitchers have 7 innings per week more than 3 innings in a game requires 2 calendar days rest.
- 16yo pitchers have 4 innings per week 2 per game and max of 4 per game per team
- 16 yo pitchers may not pitch after the 4th inning.
- Balks will be called no warnings
B division;
- All the same as above with the following exceptions...
*** no 16yo may pitch/play in the B division
*** all pitchers will be given 1 warning on balks.
****Any other questions please feel free to ask