Promote fun, good sportsmanship and personal respect. BBSA P.O. Box 871, Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

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  • Players agree to come to the field with a positive attitude.
  • Players must understand and honor the commitments they and their parents have made to their coaches, teams, and league.
  • Players must respect all team and league rules.
  • Players must respect the decisions of umpires. At no time will the questioning of an umpire’s ruling be tolerated.
  • Players must always give their best effort.
  • Players must always be honest, even when doing so results in situations unfavorable to their team.
  • Players must not show off, trash talk, taunt, or otherwise verbally abuse anyone.
  • Players must respect equipment and playing fields. Stealing or destroying anything will be grounds for dismissal from the league.
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, even away from the playing fields, is grounds for dismissal from the league.
  • Use of foul language and swearing is not allowed.
  • Throwing of equipment (including, but not limited to, bats and helmets) is not allowed.
  • Fighting is prohibited.

Disciplinary action will be addressed by the BBSA Board of Directors. Players agree to abide by decisions of the BBSA Board.