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Become a BBSA Team Sponsor

As we all know, the BBSA is an organization made up solely of volunteers and we couldn't be successful without the participation and support of all the members of our community, especially those who have chosen to be our Team Sponsors.  The strength of the BBSA lies precisely in its capacity to partner with our Team Sponsors that are critical in maintaining Burlington as the thriving community that it is.  To that end, the BBSA has built relationships with local businesses and pillars of our community who have graciously offered their support for a team or two or more, for which we are deeply gratified.  We thank all of our Sponsors for their support and appreciate their efforts on behalf of our children.  We welcome each and everyone of our Sponsors as part of our BBSA community!

If you are interested in sponsoring a team for the Burlington Baseball/Softball Association, we would like to hear from you to discuss the opportunity.  Our typical sponsorships fall into two categories - Single and Double team sponsorships. 

  • Single team sponsorship = $250

  • Double team sponsorship = $450

With your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Your sponsorship name printed on the team's shirts

  • listing

  • A nice plaque with your team picture to hang on the wall

To become a BBSA Team Sponsor, please contact our Sponsorship Director,  (CLICK TO EMAIL) via email.  Jim will follow-up with you directly with further details.

Or, should you have any questions or comments on becoming a BBSA team sponsor or the BBSA Sponsorship program, please contact