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  • Amateur Umpire - Provides guides and links to information of interest to baseball umpires.
  • Baseball Almanac - A motherlode of facts, figures, anecdotes, quotations and essays focused on the national pastime.
  • Baseball Excellence - Online baseball clinic with emphasis on teaching the game of baseball to players, parents and coaches. Sign up for the weekly email with Tip of the Week and Ask the Umpire.
  • Batspeed - Comprehensive study of the baseball swing.
  • WebBall -  WebBall celebrates over 10 years of service to baseball players of all ages and coaches of all experience levels. We have tips for hitting & pitching mechanics, infield-outfield drills, coaching strategies, physical & mental training, and more. Check out the WebBall Store for the latest training aids and the best deals.
  • Don Lucia - Head Coach, University of Minnesota Men's Hockey Coach - Don Lucia, coach of the University of Minnesota's men's hockey team talking about parents and coaches in youth hockey.  This is an Inspiring speech from Don Lucia from October 04, 2007.  Although, Coach Lucia's speach comes from hockey-talk, his ideas and messages can be applied to all youth sports.  This should be considered a must-view video for all parents and coaches.
  • - Babe Ruth League Coaching Education Center, the place to be for becoming a certified coach with Babe Ruth Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, or Babe Ruth Softball!


  • All about Softball Pitching - A plethera of valuable content and information for softball pitchers, coaches, and parents.
  • More than 20 detailed steps to improve your softball pitching.
  • Softball Performance - Powerful resources to quickly and easily boost your softball game - The Greatest Gold-Mine Of Softball Tips, Tricks, and Advice!
  • Pitching Mechanics - Grip, footwork and body placement are delivery mechanics that are a must for softball pitching. By stressing these youth softball tips, a coach will give a pitcher the tools for success.
  • How to Pitch a Softball - The mechanics of softball pitching are broken down in this video, which provides a complete overview of how to pitch a softball, including how to grip the ball, the proper footwork, and the full range of the pitching motion. A great softball pitching video with a lot of great tips.